It is Legal to Consume Dogs and Cats in Canada

Apr 1, 2015 by

Animal Action Canada – Guardians of Animals and the Environment

Canadians might not be aware of this, but it is NOT illegal to consume dog and cat meat in any province in Canada.

The Paws for the News, news team had the pleasure of interviewing Shelley Craig, who is the Host of an advocacy group Animal Action Canada located on Facebook. The members of the committee on this page advocate against the dog and cat meat trade.

Shelley and her colleagues Barbie Craig, Brian Craig, Sasa Novak, Peter Leonhardt, and Rosemary Wright have organized an event called Stop the Dog & Cat Meat Trade. The event takes place this Saturday April 4, 2015 at Bell Trinity Square in Toronto, Ontario Canada. There will be an educational speech delivered prior to a March for our Companion Animals, it will include raising awareness about the illegal dog and cat meat trade around the world and also talk about changing our existing laws here in Canada.

Registration will be at 10am and the march will take place at 11:30 am. You will be given a chance to win some nice prices and also be part of signing this very important petition.

Animal Action Canada will also be speaking and bringing awareness to the group Korean Dogs run by Giny Woo of in the United States, another partner in Florida Bob Heisler has been a strong advocate for Korean dogs as well. Shelley Craig informed our news team that there are no current statistics on how many dogs or cats are being slaughtered for consumption in Canada, as this is more than likely become an underground operation.

Shelley also stated “there are millions of dogs and cats slaughtered annually in such countries as Korea. Most of them are stolen pets who are being boiled, grilled and skinned alive.” Some are pregnant they are shoved into small cages and their legs are broken some die during transportation and those may be the lucky ones, as death is slow and painful.

Shelley states that, “it isn’t illegal to eat the meat of canines and felines here in Canada but it must be slaughtered in front of a federal inspector. A CBC NEWS article from 2003 interviewed an inspector who said it was legal to consume dog meat in Canada. That is when Shelley decided to do something about it and reached out to David Bellmore – Legislative and Constituency Assistant to Arthur Potts, Liberal Member for the Provincial Parliament at Beaches East York.

Mr. Bellmore is very interested to assist with the Animal Action Canada committee, in bringing forward their petition to the Legislature to amend the Law in Canada. The petition will be presented following the March, on Saturday April 4th.

Over the recent years Paws for the News has begun following the existence of this Trade worldwide, and two months ago members of the News Team found cat fur on a chicken ball take from a dish purchased from a Chinese Restaurant in Toronto. Therefore, our members are quite motivated to participate and advocate for the group “Animal Action Canada” on Facebook.

Shelley says, “for those willing to come out and sign the petition they will have the opportunity to receive a raffle ticket for some great prizes, which have been donated by Mr. Bob Heisler of ‘Korean Dogs in the U.S., and were shipped from Florida. Some of the prizes include T-Shirts and Dog Toys”. They will also be happy to except donations to help put an end to this barbaric trade around the world.

Paws for the News will be donating Cat Litter Houses, and will be donated in support of this Event.

If you would like to join the group Animal Action Canada, you can do so by following here.

You can also join the Korean Dogs at KOREANDOGS.ORG

To contact any of the members of “Animal Action Canada” here are their contact information:

Click here for map of event location.

Hope to see as many of our friends and supporters at the Event on Saturday. 🙂

For further information on the topic you can view some pictures and videos below to validate the existence of this abuse and cruelty to our companion animals.


Some Facts from WSPA



































Dog Meat Trade

STOP IT 제주 작은 개 (Little dog in Jeju)

Yulin, hell on earth for cats & dogs! #StopYuLin2015


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Producer/Host: Carl Milson


  1. Elena kornelson

    I can’t believe how There is no heart for a living and living animal, family member that feels pain just as we do. How disgusting!!!! How can I help?

  2. Jaz Calma

    stop this cruelty

  3. Mary Lopez

    I am disgusted and terribly angry I screamed seeing this buttery in these videos I cried with pain I just want to go over there and smash their faces in for doing this to defenseless animals I would serve time killing these bastards. It be worth it

  4. The world is waking up to this horror! Stop.


  6. Emanuela

    Are you joking???

  7. Frank binno

    Please stop this…

  8. Nina Carlotto

    We must stop this BARBARISM !!!

  9. claudette


  10. Patti

    I am disgusted to learn that our country would even have such an issue on the table. Sentient living creatures here to share life with us as our companions, not to used as a five minute meal! Dear lord God this is so wrong!

    • M Kennedy

      doesn’t Canada have seal culls – just as bad to beat seal cubs to death – horrific and barbaric!

  11. Mark Bratcher

    Lets give these Animals all the chance they deserve

  12. Dee Dee Neely

    I could NOT watch, it makes me sick – breaks my heart – makes me scream and haunts me literally! This has got to stop!!! The inhumanity of it is despicable!! I had to cover this with my hand and hit the stop button and not fast enough!

  13. tania van bergen

    this has got to STOP, disgusting people who do this

  14. Martina Echterhoff

    Kranke Menschen, wissen nicht das Hunde und Katzen liebevolle Wesen sind die so viel Liebe geben, hört entlich auf da mit.

  15. Maria Emilia Chora

    Stoppppppppp :'(

  16. Aisa katrina cruza


  17. Gea Boer

    stop this terible animal cruelty, dogg,s and cat,s are people,s petts !!!it is heart breaking, see be loved animals be treadet like this, so sorry for there pain , poor scare sweet animals, stopped please begging you right now !!

  18. karin voit

    Stopp it now!!

  19. Olivia Jackson

    how is possible something so primitive and sick in XXI century , stoopppppp!!

  20. Sono italiana non so se qualcuno leggerà mai la mia preghiera ma VI SUPPLICO facciamo qualcosa perché capiscano che qualsiasi animale ha diritto di vivere e specialmente i cani sono esseri meravigliosi è come se MANGIATE DEI BAMBINI VERGOGNATEVI FACCIAMO QUALCOSA COME SCRIVERE AL PRESIDENTE DI QUEL PAESE cosa ne pensate?

    • Vi prego tutti gli animali hanno diritto alla vita se mangiate cani e come mangiate i vostri bambini FACCIAMO SUBITO QUALCOSA

  21. gloria

    que tengan las leyes mas duras contra el maltrato y abando de animales domesticos cuyo asesinato y comercializacion y con carcel y aver si hacen protectoras para ellos

  22. Probably the consumption of dog and cat meat is not illegal in Canada because no law was ever formed to address this mainly because no one in their right mind would think this would be an issue. Many people are not aware of the fact that there are actually human beings that eat companion animals primarily in Asian countries especially South Korea and China, the Phillipines, and some others. Who knew? Having said this, it is paramount that the Canadian government now addresses this horrific act and criminalizes it before our companion animals become endangered by it.

  23. Maria


  24. Silvia Jahn

    wie weit geht der Mensch noch..wie unwürdig präsentiert er sich auf dieser Erde noch..wie kann so ein hochentwickeltes Land..wie kann eine Regierung so etwas dulden..Ihr seid unwürdig..Bastarde..Todesstrafe für die Menschen die diese Tiere..Hunde und Katzen..verzehren..und auch die verdienen den Tod die es dulden..!!!!

  25. Sandra Prast

    This is revolting. I am sorry to say I am Canadian. We Canadians are suppose to be different than the rest if the world; we are not, it is all a false!!!!!

  26. Discusting bastards and bitches evil

  27. Arielle

    Unbelievable. This is such a double standard. When chickens are slaughtered and made into everyday foods, there isn’t as much of a fuss. However, when dogs and cats are brought into the picture, “it’s so bad, please stop the cruelty and madness!” You people are absolute hypocrites; to be honest, you’ve probably already eaten some of these animals and don’t even know it. Now, I’m not an advocate for slaughtering, but I want to address the neccessity of seeing past double standards in the animal industry. It has to stop.

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